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Neurological manifestation of cholesterinic granulomas in three horses
  1. CA Jackson,
  2. A deLahunta,
  3. NL Dykes and
  4. TJ Divers
  1. Department of Clinical Sciences, New York State College of Veterinary Medicine, Ithaca 14853.


Cholesterinic granulomas have been previously reported as an incidental post mortem in horses. Three adult horses with diencephalic dysfunction due to cholesterinic granulomas are described. All the horses exhibited profound depression, somnolence and reluctance to move. One horse experienced generalised seizures. Cerebrosinal fluid was xanthochromic with an elevated total protein in two of the cases evaluated. The large cholesterinic granulomas caused expansion of the lateral ventricle and secondary hydrocephalus due to the build up of cerebrospinal fluid behind the mass. Cholesterinic granulomas are believed to result from choroid plexus congestion and haemorrhage.

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