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Eradication of Brucella ovis from the Falkland Islands 1977-1993
  1. MP Reichel,
  2. DJ Baber,
  3. PW Armitage,
  4. D Lampard,
  5. RS Whitley and
  6. F Hilbink
  1. Veterinary Office, Department of Agriculture, Stanley, Falkland Islands.


A campaign to eradicate Brucella ovis from sheep in the Falkland Islands, using a combination of serological tests and culling, was initiated in 1977 and continued until 1993 when, after a total of 65,266 tests had been carried out, the organism had been eradicated from the national flock. The paper discusses the relative values of the serological tests and suggests guidelines for maintaining the flock free of the infection.

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