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Ultrasonography of the ureterovesicular junction in the dog: a preliminary report
  1. CR Lamb and
  2. SP Gregory
  1. Department of Small Animal Medicine and Surgery, Royal Veterinary College, University of London, North Mymms, Hertfordshire.


Contrast radiography followed by ultrasonography of the urinary bladder was performed on 10 incontinent dogs. The ureterovesicular junctions and ureteral jets were identified by ultrasonography in all the dogs except one that had a caudally displaced bladder. An ectopic ureter in one dog was diagnosed by ultrasonography on the basis of the absence of a ureteral jet on the affected side, and the direct identification of the ureter passing caudal to the bladder neck. Ultrasonography appears to be a simple, repeatable test for identifying the distal ureters.

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