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Efficacy of current EC meat inspection procedures and some proposed revisions with respect to microbiological safety: a critical review
  1. BR Berends,
  2. JM Snijders and
  3. JG van Logtestijn
  1. Department of the Science of Food of Animal Origin, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Utrecht, The Netherlands.


This paper presents an evaluation of the current EC meat inspection procedures, and some of their proposed revisions, in relation to their efficacy in assuring the microbiological safety and quality of meat, and the difficulties for health authorities and industry in providing such an assurance. It is concluded that neither the current nor the proposed revisions of ante and post mortem meat inspection procedures alone are sufficient, and that only integrated approaches, applied to each step of animal and meat production, will lead to better quality meat. Furthermore, for the design of a really effective and flexible long-term system of safety and quality assurance it is necessary to undertake a formal quantitative assessment of risk.

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