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Experimental infection of pregnant gilts with Leptospira interrogans serovar mozdok
  1. T Rocha and
  2. RP Vieira


Three pregnant gilts were experimentally infected with leptospires of the serovar mozdok, isolated from an aborted pig fetus from a Portuguese pig farm with abortion problems. All the gilts aborted dead or dying piglets on days 105 or 106 of pregnancy. Serovar mozdok was isolated from 12 of the 22 piglets in the three litters. Histological examination of the livers and kidneys of the gilts at the end of the experiment revealed evidence of disease, and leptospires were isolated from their kidneys. Their serological responses up to 42 days after inoculation were monitored by means of a microscopic agglutination test, using 21 antigens from 18 serogroups. Cross reactions to heterologous antigens belonging to the Grippotyphosa, Australis, Icterohaemorrhagiae and Cynopteri groups were observed in all of them.

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