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Anaplastic sarcoma in the caudal thigh of a horse
  1. CA Danton,
  2. PJ Peacock,
  3. SA May and
  4. DF Kelly


A 16-year-old showjumping gelding was examined because of a non-painful, slowly progressive caudal thigh swelling, which was associated with 2/10th lameness at the trot. Radiography, real time beta-mode ultrasonography and gamma-scintigraphy of the caudal thigh for the presence of chip fractures, sequestrum formation and, or, abscessation were inconclusive. Radiographic examination of the chest revealed multifocal, nodular cannon ball-like opacities throughout the entire lung fields from which a diagnosis of a primary soft tissue tumour with metastasis to the thorax was made. An anaplastic sarcoma was diagnosed port mortem in the candal thigh. At no time did the horse show signs of respiratory embarrassment.

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