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An outbreak of blue-eared pig disease (porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome) in four pig herds in Great Britain
  1. SA Hopper,
  2. ME White and
  3. N Twiddy


The clinical syndrome of a new disease of pigs in four herds in the Humberside area is described. The first signs of the disease were anorexia, lethargy and pyrexia with up to 60 per cent of the dry sows affected. These signs were followed by an increased incidence of abortions which occurred in up to 3.3 per cent of sows, premature farrowings in up to 20.6 per cent of sows and stillbirths and late mummification which affected up to 26.0 and 18.8 per cent of fetuses, respectively. Mortality in neonatal and pre-weaning pigs reached up to 88 per cent and respiratory disease of high morbidity and low mortality occurred in fattening pigs. There were infertility problems in sows, with an increase in returns to service and a failure to show oestrus after weaning or aborting. The signs of the disease in boars were anorexia and malaise. Cyanosis of the extremities affected up to 2 per cent of the animals. The outbreak lasted 11 weeks in all the herds.

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