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Field efficacy of flumethrin pour-on against Psoroptes ovis in cattle
  1. BJ Losson and
  2. JF Lonneux


The field efficacy of pour-on formulation of flumethrin 1 per cent was assessed in cattle naturally infested with Psoroptes ovis. In a finishing unit, 18 infested animals were selected, left untreated for one month and examined twice to monitor the progress of the infestation. They were treated twice 10 days apart with a pour-on formulation of flumethrin 1 per cent (2 mg/kg bodyweight). Skin samples were collected from the animals on days 0, 7, 14, 28 and 42 and examined for the presence of live mites. The clinical condition of the cattle was evaluated at the beginning and at the end of the trial using a standardised chart. Bodyweights were recorded on days -32, 0, 28 and 50. In addition the 65 cows in a calving unit were given the same treatment regimen and its efficacy was evaluated on days 0, 7, 14 and 28 in 11 P ovis infested animals. On the day of treatment most of the infested animals had a severe pyodermatitis. From day 7 onwards no live mites were found in the treated animals and there was a marked clinical improvement. The percentage efficacy on day 28 was 100 per cent in both units. In the finishing animals treatment was associated with a marked improvement in daily weight gains between day 0 and day 28.

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