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Isolation of Mycobacterium bovis from the respiratory tracts of skin test-negative cattle
  1. SD Neill,
  2. J Hanna,
  3. DP Mackie and
  4. TG Bryson


Mycobacterium bovis was isolated from the respiratory tracts of three cattle which registered negative to tuberculin testing; no tuberculous lesions were found and the culture of lymph nodes and other tissues proved negative. One animal was from a group of five calves which had been inoculated intranasally with M bovis, and the organism was recovered once only from nasal mucus sampled 100 days after inoculation. The second animal had had contact with experimentally infected cattle which were excreting M bovis and the third was from a commercial farm. The results of ELISAS for antimycobacterial antibodies and interferon-gamma, and of lymphocyte transformation assays are presented. The animals' immune responses provided evidence that each of them had been challenged.

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