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Conservative treatment of oesophageal stricture in five foals
  1. DC Knottenbelt,
  2. LJ Harrison and
  3. PJ Peacock


Three foals under four weeks old and two under six months old with a history of oesophageal obstruction, had oesophageal strictures of different characters in the rostral cervical oesophagus. One case, which was complicated by severe inhalation pneumonia, was euthanased without any treatment and in another initial treatment by bougienage under general anaesthesia was attempted without success. The four surviving cases were provided with progressively firmer and coarser food, starting with liquid only, over a period of three to four weeks. The treatment is recommended in the early stages of stricture maturation and for strictures which do not involve the deeper layers of the oesophageal wall.

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