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Proliferative osteitis of the femoral greater trochanter and humeral medial epicondyle as a cause of lameness in sows
  1. RW Blowey


Thirteen chronically lame female breeding pigs were examined clinically and post mortem. Of the eight sows with hindleg lameness, one showed detachment of the ischial tuberosity and a second showed detachment of the ischial tuberosity on the left and a mid-shaft femoral fracture on the right. Two showed no lesions apart from a change in the positional relationship between the femoral head and the greater trochanter, resulting in a lowering of the femoral head. In the remaining four sows an apparently unreported condition was seen, which produced a proliferative osteitis of the greater trochanter. All five animals lame in the forelimb showed varying degrees of proliferative osteitis of the medial epicondyle of the humerus. Advanced cases could be palpated in the live animal. It is proposed that proliferative osteitis may be a response, at the point of attachment of the muscle masses of the major limbs, to the trauma of over exertion.

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