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Feline spongiform encephalopathy: fibril and PrP studies
  1. GR Pearson,
  2. JM Wyatt,
  3. TJ Gruffydd-Jones,
  4. J Hope,
  5. A Chong,
  6. RJ Higgins,
  7. AC Scott and
  8. GA Wells


The brains from 18 cats were examined for the presence of the fibrils and modified PrP protein which are molecular diagnostic markers for scrapie-like diseases. Thirteen cats were referred with clinical neurological signs potentially indicative of feline spongiform encephalopathy (FSE). Of these, five had histopathological changes of FSE, five had other lesions of the central nervous system, and in three the brain was normal. The remaining five cats had no clinical neurological signs and were selected as controls. Fibrils and modified PrP protein were found in the brains of the five cats with FSE and in one of the cats with neurological signs but no histopathological changes in the central nervous system. Fibrils were present in the absence of modified PrP in the brains of two cats, one with neurological signs and a histologically confirmed meningioma, and one with no neurological signs and a histologically normal brain.

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