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Characterisation of an antigenically unusual virus responsible for two outbreaks of Newcastle disease in the Republic of Ireland in 1990
  1. DJ Alexander,
  2. G Campbell,
  3. RJ Manvell,
  4. MS Collins,
  5. G Parsons and
  6. MS McNulty


Antigenic characterisation of two highly virulent virus isolates from outbreaks of Newcastle disease on two closely connected farms in County Monaghan, Republic of Ireland, in 1990 showed the viruses to be indistinguishable but unlike other Newcastle disease viruses so far tested. However, they appeared to be antigenically closest to avirulent viruses isolated from waterfowl from several countries and from chickens in Northern Ireland in 1986. Despite the antigenic differences, chickens vaccinated with a live commercial Hitchner B1 vaccine were protected against intramuscular challenge with one of the virulent isolates.

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