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Amoxycillin in the control of furunculosis in Atlantic salmon parr
  1. V Inglis,
  2. MK Soliman,
  3. I Higuera Ciapara and
  4. RH Richards


The efficacy of amoxycillin in the control of laboratory induced Aeromonas salmonicida infection in Atlantic salmon parr was investigated. When given in the diet at a dose rate of 80 mg per kg bodyweight it was effective against both a moderate and severe challenge (with mortality rates in untreated groups of 75 per cent and 45 per cent). At 40 mg per kg it was effective against the moderate challenge only. The plasma levels in these regimens were 1.25 micrograms per ml and 0.3 to 0.6 micrograms per ml and the minimum inhibitory concentration of the challenge strain of A salmonicida was 0.6 micrograms per ml. The potential of the Charm radiobioassay system in detecting antibiotic residues in fish tissue was studied. The level of amoxycillin in muscle and bone from fish in mid-treatment at 80 mg per kg was 0.32 micrograms per ml. After a 12 day withdrawal period at 18 degrees C no residue was detected within the 0.005 micrograms per ml limit of this test.

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