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Thoracic spinal calcinosis circumscripta causing cord compression in two German shepherd dog littermates
  1. JD McEwan,
  2. C Thomson,
  3. M Sullivan,
  4. S Callanan and
  5. M Park


Two young German shepherd dog littermates had progressive, painless, hindlimb ataxia. In both dogs plain radiography of the vertebral column revealed a solitary mineralised lesion on the dorsal laminae between the dorsal spines of the second and third thoracic vertebrae, and myelography with iopamidol demonstrated cord compression at the level of the lesions. The first dog died 18 hours after the myelography. A dorsal laminectomy performed in the second dog resulted in neurological improvement. A histopathological examination confirmed that both lesions were calcinosis circumscripta. The cause of the death of the first dog was meningitis.

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