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A clinical trial of buparvaquone in the treatment of East Coast fever
  1. TT Dolan,
  2. R Injairu,
  3. F Gisemba,
  4. JN Maina,
  5. G Mbadi,
  6. SK Mbwiria,
  7. GH Mulela and
  8. DA Othieno


A clinical trial was conducted to test buparvaquone (Butalex; Coopers Pitman-Moore) in the treatment of East Coast fever under field conditions in Kenya. Data from 229 cases were analysed following treatment with one (69), two (142) or three (18) doses at 2.5 mg/kg. The majority of cattle (95.2 per cent) were exotic (Bos taurus) or improved (Bos taurus cross Bos indicus) and 39.3 per cent were infected with Anaplasma marginale. There was an overall recovery rate of 85.6 per cent, with 90.1 per cent recovering following one treatment and 75.4 per cent recovering following two treatments. At a follow-up visit three to six months after completion of the trial data was obtained on 224 cases. Thirty had died, 13 of which were reported to have been from East Coast fever, nine had been sold and six slaughtered. Of the remaining 146, 86.3 per cent were in good condition, 13.7 per cent fair and 2.0 per cent in poor condition. A two dose regimen was most effective and should be recommended except in very early cases or those under direct veterinary supervision.

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