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Congenital urinary incontinence in cats: a review of 19 cases
  1. PE Holt and
  2. C Gibbs


Nineteen cases of feline congenital urinary incontinence (10 cats with ureteral ectopia and nine with incompetence of the urethral sphincter mechanism) are reviewed. The 10 cats with ureteral ectopia are considered together with 13 from previous reports. There was no apparent breed predisposition. Most of the 23 cats were presented for urinary incontinence but two of them were continent. Thirteen were females and ectopia was unilateral in 13 and bilateral in 10. Twenty-eight of 31 ectopic ureters terminated in the urethra. The commonest complication was hydroureter/hydronephrosis (10 cases). Eighteen of the cats were treated surgically, 13 by ureteral transplantation, four by ureteronephrectomy and one by ligation of the renal blood vessels; 16 of them were cured by surgery. Congenital urethral sphincter mechanism incompetence has not been reported previously in the cat. Nine cases are presented and the urethras of all were markedly hypoplastic. A common concomitant abnormality was vaginal aplasia, with the uterine horns terminating in the dorsum of the bladder. Bacteriuria was more common in this group than in the cats with ureteral ectopia.

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