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Suspected botulism in three intensively managed Australian cattle herds
  1. KF Trueman,
  2. RE Bock,
  3. RJ Thomas,
  4. JD Taylor,
  5. PA Green,
  6. HM Roeger and
  7. PJ Ketterer


Serious outbreaks of a paralytic disease in cattle occurring in the spring and summer of 1988 were investigated on three farms in south eastern Queensland, Australia. On one farm 237 (31 per cent) of 770 cattle died, on the second 109 (40 per cent) of 271 cattle died and on the third 30 (8 per cent) of 380 cows died. Botulism was suspected on the basis of the clinical signs, the lack of significant pathology, a failure to incriminate other agents and a positive feeding trial in one sheep. Laboratory tests for the presence of botulinum toxin failed to confirm this diagnosis, and further feeding trials using ingredients of two rations were also negative.

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