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A comparison of hemilaminectomy (with concomitant disc fenestration) and dorsal laminectomy for the treatment of thoracolumbar disc protrusion in dogs
  1. WM McKee


The techniques of hemilaminectomy (with concomitant disc fenestration) and dorsal laminectomy were compared statistically in two groups of 30 dogs with thoracolumbar disc disease. On presentation all the dogs were unable to walk and were graded 1 to 3 according to their degree of neurological dysfunction. Nineteen had a previous history of thoracolumbar pain or hindlimb paresis. Radiography showed a narrowed disc space or extruded calcified disc material in 52 of the dogs and lumbar myelography revealed an extradural mass in 57; 24 of the dogs had clinical or myelographic lateralisation of signs. Hemilaminectomy significantly improved the ability to retrieve protruded disc material compared with dorsal laminectomy, and the removal of protruded disc material significantly improved the degree of recovery. Fenestration significantly reduced the recurrence of thoracolumbar disc disease.

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