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Effects of atipamezole on xylazine sedation in ponies
  1. SP Luna,
  2. NJ Beale and
  3. PM Taylor


Atipamezole antagonism of xylazine sedation was evaluated in six ponies. Atipamezole (0.15 mg/kg) or saline was injected intravenously 15 minutes after the ponies had been sedated with xylazine (1.0 mg/kg). Arterial blood pressure and gases, pulse and respiratory rates, the electrocardiogram, nose-to-ground distance and a subjective sedation score were recorded. The pretreatment nose-to-ground distance and PaO2 returned to normal sooner after atipamezole than after saline and the ponies' appetite and normal locomotion also recovered sooner. No significant differences were observed between the effects of saline and atipamezole on the other measurements.

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