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Efficacy of moxidectin, nemadectin and ivermectin against an ivermectin-resistant strain of Haemonchus contortus in sheep
  1. JA Pankavich,
  2. H Berger and
  3. KL Simkins


The efficacies of ivermectin, nemadectin and moxidectin were evaluated when administered orally to lambs infected with either a susceptible laboratory strain of Haemonchus contortus or a strain reported to be resistant to ivermectin. Groups of 24 Dorset cross Cheviot cross Suffolk lambs were infected with either the susceptible or resistant strain of H contortus and allocated to treatment groups according to their faecal egg counts 27 days after infection. One day later the lambs were dosed orally with one of the three anthelmintics at 0.2 mg/kg bodyweight, and they were killed and surviving worms were recovered 13 or 14 days after treatment. Against the ivermectin resistant strain, ivermectin did not significantly reduce the egg count or the numbers of adult H contortus; however, both nemadectin and moxidectin reduced the nematode egg counts and the numbers of H contortus by 99 and 100 per cent, respectively. Against the susceptible strain, all the anthelmintics reduced the egg counts by 100 per cent as early as four days after treatment and reduced the numbers of susceptible H contortus by 100 per cent. No adverse reactions to any of the drugs were observed.

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