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Observation on bovine congenital erythrocytic protoporphyria in the blonde d'Aquitaine breed
  1. F Schelcher,
  2. M Delverdier,
  3. P Bezille,
  4. P Cabanie and
  5. J Espinasse
  1. Department of Medical Pathology of Farm Animals, Toulouse, France.


Three blonde d'Aquitaine calves (one male and two females) about four months old, exhibited skin lesions just after birth, the site and nature of which suggested photosensitisation. Their porphyrin metabolism indicated a marked decrease in the activity of lymphocytic ferrochelatase, leading to a diagnosis of congenital erythrocytic protoporphyria. The associated nervous disorders of the 'recurrent epileptiform seizure' type are discussed in the light of complementary histological and biochemical tests.

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