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Efficacy of tilmicosin in treatment of pulmonary infections in calves
  1. T Picavet,
  2. E Muylle,
  3. LA Devriese and
  4. J Geryl
  1. Department of Large Animal Internal Medicine, Ghent State University, Belgium.


The efficacy of tilmicosin in the treatment of respiratory infections in calves was evaluated. According to a randomised block design, 58 calves with naturally occurring respiratory infections were treated with one of the following products: a single subcutaneous injection of tilmicosin (10 mg/kg liveweight) or daily intramuscular injections of 5 mg lincomycin and 10 mg spectinomycin/kg liveweight, for a minimum of three days. Both treatment groups initially showed similar clinical signs and their initial responses to the treatments were good. However, the tilmicosin treated calves improved more rapidly. Significantly greater improvements (P less than or equal to 0.05) were observed in their demeanour and appetite during the first 10 days after treatment began, and in their respiratory condition between five and 10 days after treatment began.

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