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A new method for bovine embryo production: a potential alternative to superovulation
  1. TA Kruip,
  2. MC Pieterse,
  3. TH van Beneden,
  4. PL Vos,
  5. YA Wurth and
  6. MA Taverne
  1. Department of Herd Health and Reproduction, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, State University of Utrecht, The Netherlands.


Eight cows were used to study the feasibility of transvaginal ultrasound-guided puncture of follicles as a method for the collection of immature oocytes for embryo production in vitro. In six trials at intervals of seven days, 104 oocytes were collected. After in vitro maturation and fertilisation the 104 oocytes were transferred to the oviducts of sheep. Six days later, 75 oocytes were recovered by flushing the oviducts. Twenty-four per cent of the recovered oocytes/embryos had developed into transferable and viable morulae and, or, blastocysts. The data show that this non-surgical and repeated collection of immature oocytes can be used successfully for the in vitro production of bovine embryos. The procedure may produce yields of embryos comparable to those obtainable by conventional superovulation procedures.

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