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Development of LYNX: a computer application for disease diagnosis and health monitoring in wild mammals, birds and reptiles
  1. PM Bennett,
  2. SC Gascoyne,
  3. MG Hart,
  4. JK Kirkwood and
  5. CM Hawkey
  1. Department of Veterinary Science, Institute of Zoology, London.


IBM-compatible software has been developed so that quantitative and qualitative haematological and biochemical reference data for over 500 species of mammals, birds and reptiles can be made readily accessible to veterinary surgeons. The LYNX software makes it possible to retrieve these data at different taxonomic levels (species, genera, families, orders and classes) and to select data by age and sex. The data for each variable may be presented in the form of a reference range or as a frequency histogram. Notes describing the variations in blood cell morphology observed in healthy individuals of each species are included in the database. The user's own haematological and biochemical data can also be entered, stored and used.

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