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Performance of high titre attenuated canine parvovirus vaccine in pups with maternally derived antibody
  1. S Burtonboy,
  2. P Charlier,
  3. J Hertoghs,
  4. M Lobmann,
  5. A Wiseman and
  6. S Woods
  1. SmithKline Beecham Animal Health Products, Rixensart, Belgium.


The performance of live, attenuated, homologous, canine parvovirus vaccines was studied in 140 puppies aged from four to 11 weeks. In the presence of maternally derived antibody the ability of the vaccines to elicit a serological response, as determined by the haemagglutination inhibition test and a standardised ELISA, was found to be dose (infectious titre) related. An experimental vaccine containing 10(7.0) TCID50 of virus induced seroconversion rates of 95, 89, 82 and 44 per cent in dogs with haemagglutination inhibition antibody titres of less than or equal to 8, 16, 32 and greater than 32, respectively. The standardised ELISA appeared to be better than the haemagglutination inhibition test with respect to variability and subjectivity, especially when titres were low.

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