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Medical dissolution and prevention of canine and feline uroliths: diagnostic and therapeutic caveats
  1. CA Osborne,
  2. JP Lulich,
  3. JW Bartges and
  4. LJ Felice
  1. Department of Small Animal Clinical Sciences, College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Minnesota, St Paul 55108.


Medical protocols designed to promote the dissolution of canine and feline struvite uroliths, the dissolution of canine ammonium urate and cystine uroliths and the prevention of all major types of canine and feline uroliths have been developed. However, because the causes of different types of uroliths vary, the medical protocols for their dissolution and prevention also vary. When the diagnosis of the underlying causes of uroliths becomes the rule rather than the exception, therapeutic failures should become the exception rather than the rule.

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