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Survey of levels of propetamphos and diazinon used to control sheep scab in Northern Ireland
  1. WJ Blanchflower,
  2. RJ McCracken,
  3. DA Rice and
  4. A Clements
  1. Department of Agriculture, Veterinary Research Laboratories, Stormont, Belfast.


As a result of an increase in the incidence of sheep scab in Northern Ireland, the concentrations of propetamphos and diazinon were measured during 1987 and 1988 in fleece and liquid dip samples from selected flocks, including some in which inadequate dipping was suspected. Sixty-five per cent and 68 per cent of the liquid dip samples contained less than the manufacturer's recommended maintenance concentrations for propetamphos and diazinon respectively. The concentrations found in fleece were also lower than those found in sheep which were dipped with the recommended concentrations of propetamphos and diazinon in a controlled experiment.

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