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Aujeszky's disease in a cow
  1. EP Power,
  2. M O'Connor,
  3. WJ Donnelly and
  4. CE Dolan
  1. Department of Agriculture and Food, Regional Veterinary Laboratory, Cork, Ireland.


A non-suppurative encephalitis accompanied by intraneuronal intranuclear inclusions were observed in the brain from a cow that died within 10 hours of developing nervous signs. Immunogold-silver staining located Aujeszky's disease virus antigen in neuronal cytoplasm and the virus was isolated from large volumes of suspensions of nervous tissues and tonsils. Fattening pigs in adjacent buildings had high antibody titres to Aujeszky's disease virus. The methods by which the cow could have acquired infection are considered, and the significance of transient low titres of antibodies to Aujeszky's disease virus in in-contact cows is discussed.

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