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Variations in the virulence of strains of Chlamydia psittaci for pregnant ewes
  1. A Rodolakis and
  2. A Souriau
  1. Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique, Station de Pathologie de Reproduction, Nouzilly, France.


Invasive and non-invasive strains of Chlamydia psittaci isolated from faeces of clinically healthy ewes and from vaginal swabs of ewes which had aborted were injected intravenously or intradermally into pregnant ewes. The results were studied by recording the ewes' thermal and serological responses, lambing performance and the excretion of chlamydia from the vagina. The differences between the effects of different invasive strains were greater after intradermal inoculation than after intravenous inoculation. After intradermal inoculation non-invasive strains did not disturb pregnancy (11 of 13 ewes lambed normally) whereas invasive strains induced abortion in 23 of 25 ewes, 24 of which excreted chlamydia in vaginal secretions.

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