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Parainfluenza 3 vaccination of sheep
  1. JL Rodger
  1. Ashworth and Rodger Veterinary Centre, Union Terrace, Crieff, Perthshire.


Outbreaks of pneumonia associated with Pasteurella haemolytica have occurred in sheep in the area of Perthshire served by this practice, and on some farms the disease has been an important annual cause of loss. Serological evidence was obtained that parainfluenza 3 (PI3) virus might be implicated as a predisposing factor to pasteurellosis. A live attenuated PI3 virus vaccine licensed for use in cattle was given intranasally to ewes on one farm. Many sheep seroconverted and outbreaks of pneumonia were negligible around the subsequent lambing time. The protection of the flock appeared to last for one season only. Subsequently ewes and lambs on other farms were vaccinated and on these farms there were fewer deaths than expected due to pasteurellosis.

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