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An outbreak of disease due to chicken anaemia agent in broiler chickens in England
  1. NJ Chettle,
  2. RK Eddy,
  3. PJ Wyeth and
  4. SA Lister
  1. Poultry Department, Central Veterinary Laboratory, New Haw, Weybridge, Surrey.


Outbreaks of clinical chicken anaemia in four broiler chicken flocks affected chicks which were all the progeny of the same parent flock. Three of the flocks were reared on farms in the south-east of England and in these flocks clinical disease did not occur in other chicks of the same age. The fourth flock was reared in a positive-pressure isolator and clinical disease appeared at 10 days of age. Chicken anaemia agent was isolated from three of the flocks. The clinical signs, post mortem lesions and histopathological changes were similar to those reported in outbreaks of the disease in other countries. The parent flock seroconverted to chicken anaemia agent, as determined by fluorescent antibody tests, during the course of the outbreaks.

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