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An evaluation in pigs of Nobi-Vac AR and an experimental atrophic rhinitis vaccine containing P multocida DNT-toxoid and B bronchiseptica
  1. M Kobisch and
  2. A Pennings
  1. Ministry of Agriculture, Veterinary Services, Ploufragan, France.


The trial involved eight large white sows obtained from a closed experimental specific pathogen free herd. Four sows (two each for an experimental vaccine and for Nobi-Vac AR) were vaccinated twice (eight weeks and two weeks before parturition) with 2 ml of vaccine administered intramuscularly. Two unvaccinated sows were used as an infected control group and two unvaccinated sows served as an uninfected control group. Forty-six piglets (28 from vaccinated sows and 18 from unvaccinated sows) were challenged by intranasal instillation of Bordetella bronchiseptica at two days of age and Pasteurella multocida type D, dermonecrotic toxin at seven days of age. Among the infected control group some piglets died and there were clinical signs of pneumonia and severe turbinate atrophy. In the vaccinated groups the results showed that immunisation of the pregnant sows had provided a good level of antibodies, which were transmitted to their offspring. There was a significant reduction in the clinical signs and no lesions were observed in the group vaccinated with the experimental vaccine and only moderate atrophy of the turbinates in the Nobi-Vac AR group. B bronchiseptica and P multocida were never recovered from the lungs of the vaccinated groups and in the nasal cavities their frequency declined with age.

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