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Flunixin pharmacokinetics and serum thromboxane inhibition in the dog
  1. QA McKellar,
  2. EA Galbraith,
  3. JA Bogan,
  4. CS Russell,
  5. RE Hooke and
  6. P Lees
  1. Department of Veterinary Pharmacology, University of Glasgow Veterinary School.


Flunixin meglumine administered orally to beagle dogs at doses of 0.55, 1.10 or 1.65 mg/kg bodyweight was rapidly absorbed to produce maximum mean plasma concentrations of 2.40 +/- 0.70, 4.57 +/- 1.12 and 7.42 +/- 2.07 micrograms/ml, respectively. Thereafter, the plasma concentrations of flunixin fell rapidly to values less than 0.10 micrograms/ml from 24 hours after drug administration at all dosage levels. The maximum mean inhibition of serum thromboxane B2 was 91.5 per cent after the lowest dose of flunixin and 98.8 per cent for both the intermediate and high dose rates. At plasma concentrations of flunixin above 2 micrograms/ml there was more than 90 per cent inhibition of thromboxane.

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