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Efficacy of a novel sustained release anthelmintic device in preventing parasitic gastroenteritis in first-season calves
  1. ST Tolling,
  2. N Agger and
  3. PN McWilliam
  1. Pfizer International Inc, New York, NY 10017.


The efficacy of the first of a new generation of intraruminal devices for cattle, the morantel sustained release trilaminate, was assessed in two field trials. In each trial the animals were divided into a control group and a treated group. The device was administered to each calf before turn out in the spring and the reduction of gastrointestinal parasitism resulted in a substantial reduction in the level of pasture contamination with infective helminth larvae later in the season. Compared with the control calves the treated calves had a 94 per cent reduction of worm burdens acquired over the entire grazing season in the first trial, despite the controls being treated for clinical disease in September. In the second trial four anthelmintic treatments were administered to the control calves during the grazing season, but nevertheless a 64 per cent reduction of worm burdens in the treated group compared to the control group was recorded. The control of parasitic infection by the sustained-release devices resulted in mean weight gain advantages of 28.3 kg and 34.7 kg by the treated animals in the first and second trials respectively.

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