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Delayed-type hypersensitivity test for assessing tick-immune status of cattle in Zambia
  1. RE Smith,
  2. ET Mwase,
  3. A Heller-Haupt,
  4. PK Trinder,
  5. RG Pegram,
  6. AJ Wilsmore and
  7. MG Varma
  1. Royal Veterinary College, London.


Delayed-type hypersensitivity skin reactions were used to assess the tick resistance status of Tonga calves in Zambia. The antigen used in the tests was a homogenate of unfed nymphal Rhipicephalus appendiculatus which had been shown to give protective immunity in guinea pigs to adult female R appendiculatus. There was a significant negative correlation between the intensity of the reactions and the total number of ticks (Amblyomma variegatum, R appendiculatus, Hyalomma truncatum, Boophilus decoloratus and Rhipicephalus species) on the animals.

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