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Evaluation of the morantel sustained release trilaminate in the control of parasitic gastroenteritis in first season grazing cattle
  1. WT Grimshaw,
  2. AJ Weatherley and
  3. RM Jones
  1. Pfizer Central Research, Sandwich, Kent.


A novel intraruminal bolus developed for the sustained delivery of the anthelmintic morantel tartrate was evaluated in the seasonal control of parasitic gastroenteritis in first season grazing calves. The morantel sustained release trilaminate is a trilaminate sheet consisting of a central lamina of a morantel tartrate/ethylene vinyl acetate matrix coated on both sides with a thin impermeable layer of ethylene vinyl acetate. A symmetrical pattern of circular perforations punched through the device controls the release of morantel. Administration of the trilaminate to calves significantly reduced their faecal egg output compared with untreated controls and thus reduced pasture larval contamination. Clinical parasitic gastroenteritis was prevented in the treated calves and there were significant reductions in their worm burdens compared with the untreated control calves both during and at the end of the grazing season. The control of parasitic gastroenteritis resulted in a significantly greater (P less than 0.0001) weight gain, of 45 kg, by the treated calves.

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