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Flunixin meglumine and flurbiprofen in cows with experimental Escherichia coli mastitis
  1. JA Lohuis,
  2. W Van Leeuwen,
  3. JH Verheijden,
  4. A Brand and
  5. AS Van Miert
  1. Department of Herd Health and Reproduction, Utrecht, The Netherlands.


The effect of flunixin meglumine and flurbiprofen on the course of experimental Escherichia coli mastitis was examined. Nine cows (within one month post partum) were inoculated intramammarily with 20 x 10(5) viable E coli in both rear quarters. Three cows remained untreated (controls); three cows received three injections of flunixin meglumine and three cows received flurbiprofen as two intravenous infusions. Flunixin meglumine and flurbiprofen were initially given before clinical signs were observed. Treatment was repeated if the cows' temperature increased by more than 1 degree C. In the untreated cows, rectal temperature and heart rate increased from three hours after infection, and rumen motility (both frequency and amplitude) decreased from four hours after infection. Treatment with flunixin meglumine or flurbiprofen almost completely abolished the febrile response during the first nine hours after infection, and the decrease in rumen motility was less pronounced in the treated animals. These results suggest that the decrease in rumen motility during E coli mastitis is at least partly due to a mechanism involving prostaglandin.

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