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Lead levels in whole blood of sheep from different areas of the Nile delta
  1. PG Takla,
  2. HA Mohamed,
  3. J Wright and
  4. F Fahmy
  1. Welsh School of Pharmacy, University of Wales Institute of Science and Technology, Cardiff.


The concentration of lead has been determined in samples of whole blood from Osimi and Rahmani sheep grazing near main highways in three areas of the Nile delta region of Egypt. Between 117 and 200 blood samples were collected from each area. The mean values for the blood lead content were 0.062, 0.067 and 0.083 micrograms/ml, and were low in all the locations. The value of 0.083 micrograms/ml obtained for the samples taken from the partly industralised Enshass region was significantly higher than the mean values from the other sites.

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