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Efficacy of a homoeopathic prophylaxis against experimental infection of calves by the bovine lungworm Dictyocaulus viviparus
  1. SM Taylor,
  2. TR Mallon and
  3. WP Green
  1. Veterinary Research Laboratory, Stormont, Belfast.


Two groups of parasite-free calves, one of which had been treated with four doses of a homoeopathic oral vaccine for parasitic bronchitis due to Dictyocaulus viviparus and the other with a placebo, were infected at the rate of 25 infective larvae/kg bodyweight 18 days after the final dose. Both groups became severely affected by parasitic bronchitis, with clinical signs starting 13 days after infection. There were no discernible differences between the treated and control groups in their manifestations of resistance to D viviparus or their clinical responses to the disease produced.

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