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Control of selenium and cobalt deficiency in lambs by supplementation of oral anthelmintics
  1. I Bremner,
  2. WR Humphries,
  3. PC Morrice and
  4. WW Carlyle
  1. Biochemistry Division, Rowett Research Institute, Bucksburn, Aberdeen.


The benefits of the inclusion of cobalt and selenium supplements in anthelmintic preparations were demonstrated in a 10 week trial with cobalt- and selenium-deficient blackface wethers. The anthelmintics were based on oxfendazole and on levamisole plus oxyclozanide; three doses provided, in total, 38 mg cobalt and 7.2 or 11.3 mg selenium. Administration of the supplements prevented the weight loss and reduction in food intake observed in unsupplemented animals. Blood glutathione peroxidase activities were restored to normal and increases in serum vitamin B12 levels were observed which were consistent with the prevention of both cobalt and selenium deficiencies.

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