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Effect of feeding 5 per cent glucose solution or milk replacer to newborn piglets on intestinal permeability to macromolecules
  1. L Vellenga,
  2. T Wensing and
  3. HJ Breukink
  1. Clinic for Large Animal Medicine, State University of Utrecht, The Netherlands.


Newborn piglets were fed either a 5 per cent glucose/electrolyte solution or a commercial milk replacer for 24 or 36 hours before they were given colostrum, or they were given colostrum after birth. The effects of these treatments on their ability to absorb macromolecules was assessed by measuring the uptake of 125I-polyvinylpyrrolidone (125I-PVP) and the increases in the concentrations of total proteins and immunoglobulins in serum. The piglets which received colostrum at birth absorbed 50 per cent of a test dose of 125I-PVP within six hours, and there was a rapid increase in the concentration of immunoglobulins in their blood. The piglets which received the 5 per cent glucose/electrolyte solution absorbed 40 per cent of the test dose of 125I-PVP administered 24 or 36 hours after birth and nearly normal quantities of immunoglobulins, but the piglets given the milk replacer absorbed only 10 per cent of the test dose of 125I-PVP, and virtually no immunoglobulins.

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