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Xylazine and ketamine anaesthesia in the dromedary camel under field conditions
  1. RJ White,
  2. S Bali and
  3. H Bark


The effects of either xylazine (0.25 mg/kg) intramuscularly, ketamine (5.5 mg/kg) intramuscularly, or a mixture of xylazine (0.15 mg/kg) and ketamine (2.5 mg/kg) intramuscularly on sedation, analgesia, cardiac and respiratory rates, body temperature and muscle relaxation were studied in the domesticated dromedary camel. Either drug used separately was suitable for sedation and analgesia in the camel. However, the mixture of xylazine and ketamine was superior to either drug used alone. Camels which received the combination of xylazine and ketamine had fewer effects on cardiac and respiratory rates and better analgesia. In addition, they showed better muscle relaxation, less central nervous system irritability and shorter recovery times than camels sedated with ketamine alone.

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