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Cryptosporidium in market pigs in southern California, USA
  1. JV Tacal Jr,
  2. M Sobieh and
  3. A el-Ahraf


Faecal specimens from 200 market swine (115 feeder pigs and 85 butcher hogs) offered for sale at a southern California livestock auction yard during a three-month period, were examined for cryptosporidium oocysts. Of the 10 pigs (5 per cent) found to be excreting the parasite, seven were feeder pigs and three were butcher hogs. Of the feeder pigs four (4.1 per cent) came from the 98 non-diarrhoeic pigs and three (17.6 per cent) from 17 diarrhoeic pigs. The 85 butcher hogs were all apparently healthy.

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