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Serological detection of phage infection in Chlamydia psittaci recovered from ducks
  1. EJ Bacon,
  2. SJ Richmond,
  3. DJ Wood,
  4. P Stirling,
  5. BJ Bevan and
  6. WS Chalmers


Antiserum prepared against a phage which infects a Chlamydia psittaci isolate recovered from domestic ducks was used to screen other recent avian C psittaci isolates by indirect immunofluorescence. Two more phage infected strains from ducks were discovered. However, phage was not detected in every isolate examined from common source ducks, although such birds are likely to be infected with the same C psittaci strain. Moreover, phage could not always be demonstrated by indirect immunofluorescence in McCoy cell monolayers infected with the phage-containing strain. The results suggest that phage infection is probably an integral part of duck chlamydiosis in the United Kingdom at present, but that the infection is often cryptic.

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