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An evaluation of an oral glucose-glycine-electrolyte solution for the treatment of experimentally induced dehydration in the horse
  1. RJ Rose,
  2. KT Gibson and
  3. CJ Suann


Five standardbred geldings were given 1 mg/kg bodyweight of frusemide by intramuscular injection to induce mild dehydration. After food and water deprivation overnight, the mean weight loss was 24.4 +/- 1.8 kg (5.5 per cent of bodyweight). The horses were then given an equivalent volume of an oral glucose-glycine-electrolyte solution by stomach tube. No more than 10 litres was given every 30 minutes until the calculated bodyweight loss had been replaced. Measurements made before, during and after the fluid administration included bodyweight, arterial blood haematocrit, PCO2, pH, standard bicarbonate, base excess and plasma concentrations of sodium, potassium, chloride, total protein, glucose, urea and creatinine. The final measurement was taken eight hours after the last dose of fluid and no food or water was offered to the horses during this time. Administration of the solution caused a rapid correction of the frusemide-induced dehydration and metabolic alkalosis. Absorption of the fluid from the gastrointestinal tract appeared to be very rapid because by 30 minutes after the last dose of the solution, plasma protein values were not significantly different from those before administration of frusemide. Plasma glucose concentrations became significantly increased for up to three hours after the fluid was given and an increase in creatinine and urea concentrations, which was observed after the administration of frusemide, was still evident at eight hours. The glucose-glycine-electrolyte solution was well retained, there being a mean bodyweight loss of 2.8 kg at three hours and 6.2 kg at eight hours after the last dose of fluid.

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