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A bovine respiratory virus vaccination trial
  1. JR Thomson,
  2. PF Nettleton,
  3. A Greig and
  4. J Barr


A respiratory virus vaccination trial was carried out in a commercial calf-rearing unit with a history of virus pneumonia. The effects of vaccination on the incidence of virus respiratory disease and growth rate were assessed. Forty-four bought-in calves were allocated to groups and treated as follows: A, unvaccinated controls; B, intranasal temperature-sensitive infectious bovine rhinotracheitis (IBR) vaccine at three and 10 weeks; C, intranasal temperature-sensitive combined IBR and parainfluenza-3 (PI3) vaccine at three and 10 weeks; D, intranasal temperature-sensitive combined IBR and PI3 vaccine at three and 10 weeks plus live attenuated bovine respiratory syncytial (BRS) virus vaccine intramuscularly at seven, 10 and 16 weeks. Two outbreaks of virus pneumonia occurred, one at three to four months of age associated with BRS virus and the other at four to five months of age with PI3 virus. During these outbreaks the incidence of pneumonia was lower and the number of days of elevated temperature and the number of treatments were significantly less in groups vaccinated against the associated virus. Despite these findings there were no significant differences between the growth rates of the groups either during the outbreaks of virus pneumonia or during the 10 month period to slaughter.

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