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Haemobartonella felis infection in cats from the Glasgow area
  1. AS Nash and
  2. PA Bobade


A survey of 155 cats for Haemobartonella felis infection in the Glasgow area revealed a prevalence of 23.2 per cent. The infection occurred in all age groups and there was no significant difference between sex or breed type. Infection with H felis was more prevalent among cats with fleas and those with feline leukaemia virus infection than among the other cats in the sample. H felis organisms identified were mainly coccoid with diameters between 0.63 micron and 1.73 micron. Rod forms, found in two cats, had lengths ranging from 0.79 micron to 1.1 micron and diameters between 0.17 micron and 0.24 micron.

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