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Efficacy of an oxibendazole-trichlorfon paste formulation against third stage larvae of Gasterophilus intestinalis and its safety in horses
  1. C Bauer and
  2. HJ Burger


A paste formulation containing 14.3 per cent of oxibendazole and 44 per cent of trichlorfon was administered to 33 ponies and horses. The dose rate used was equivalent to 10 mg and 30 mg/kg bodyweight, of oxibendazole and trichlorfon respectively. After treatment 25 animals passed between one and 82 third stage larvae of Gasterophilus intestinalis in their faeces. Dosing with 0.2 mg ivermectin/kg bodyweight three weeks later resulted in six animals expelling between one and four bots. The efficacy of the oxibendazole-trichlorfon paste was on average 96.2 per cent. This drug combination given to 52 ponies and horses at the indicated dose rate and to six ponies at twice that dose was tolerated without side effects except transient softening of the faeces in several animals and mild symptoms of colic in two horses.

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