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Pharmacokinetics of cefoperazone in the cow by the intramammary route and its effect on mastitis pathogens in vitro
  1. CD Wilson and
  2. GA Gilbert


The pharmacokinetic and microbiological properties of a new third generation cephalosporin, cefoperazone, when given by the intramammary route to the cow are described. Cefoperazone is excreted from the udder over a three- to five-day period following a single infusion of 250 mg in an oil base into each of all four quarters. By the fifth milking after treatment the mean bucket (composite) concentration of cefoperazone was below 0.01 microgram/ml. The minimal inhibitory concentrations for 470 pathogens isolated from cases of mastitis were determined. A few exotic species were resistant but all the usual isolates were sensitive. No signs of transferable drug resistance from known multiple drug-resistant strains were detected.

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